We Foster Education

UCLA continues to believe in the educational opportunities in esports, and we recognize that esports is not just limited in scope to the players themselves. We hope that by hosting collegiate competition on the west coast, we can showcase the breadth of opportunity esports offers, and will continue to offer as the industry grows. Esports intersects a wide array of industries already, from entertainment to music to lifestyle. It is our desire to demonstrate the realm of possibilities in this industry by continuing to develop PAC-E.


We believe that collegiate esports has the potential to reach traditional collegiate sports in the mainstream, and PACE represents our offering and tribute to the simple fun of practicing and competing as a team. Esports, like many traditional sports, is a team game. Part of the joy of competing is experiencing team bonding, close games, ups and downs, and striving for something greater than the individual. It is in our interest to organize an event that gets people excited about collegiate gaming, and we believe providing a quality tournament experience is the first step of that.

We Pursue the Future

We believe that the development of the collegiate esports space is inevitable. Pros and amateur pros have demonstrated that college can be a viable path to professional careers. The PAC-E tournament this year alone will feature several grandmaster and challenger players, representing the upper echelon of skill in North America. We hope that we can provide a stage for them to stand on, and showcase the potential of collegiate esports on the west coast.

We Mobilize Administration

UCLA Esports is fortunate to have enthusiastic backing from UCLA administration. This will be the first time that any gaming or esports related club has successfully leveraged support from the school. As we continue to develop our own esports program as well as PAC-E, it is our desire to not only showcase the future possibilities of those who participate in college gaming, but to also set an example on how universities can leverage esports to further educational opportunities outside of the classroom

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